by Lanny Allen  5/29/21
Have you noticed that all the questions waking America is asking about UFOs are the same questions you were asking when your journey began? It’s a process, man. We all have to go through it. If you’re ahead of the game on this, be patient with those who aren’t.
Having said that, there’s one particular argument that we should put to rest. That argument is: "Our government has not been hiding UFOs or recovered craft from the public because our government is incapable of keeping secrets".
Interestingly, those same people will cite that the military has hidden and does hide cutting edge weapons technology. So, which is it?
Allow me to offer this: There’s a big difference between a recovered craft that you haven’t figured out it’s technology; and technology you’ve figured out from recovered craft.
The problem is...the question is all wrong.
The question shouldn’t be “Is the government capable of hiding UFOs from the public?” The question should be “Can the government hide UFO technology from Capitalism?”
The answer to the first question is; Absolutely! The answer to the second is: “Absolutely Not!!”
The secret airplanes in development by the military that they hid for years were...just another form of the same propulsion technology; not a groundbreaking discovery that would change the world.
The point? If these craft being reported can really do the amazing things the evidence suggests, they are certainly not man-made. Capitalism wouldn’t have it.
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