My Stuff
Here's some stuff I've made...recently and in the past. I don't have an updated reel, so enjoy these bits and pieces.
The Hope Stone was a product that could be purchased online. It was a fun video to shoot and edit knowing that telling the stories of those who struggle with substance abuse can help others. While the product and the website are no longer available, this great motivational piece lives on.

When I'm taking a photo, I'm looking for something interesting; sometimes that means a real, unguarded moment. I like images that make you pause and take a good, long look. When I see an image like this, my imagination races to consider the story behind the eyes and smile; like the Mona Lisa.

This image made for a really nice print. People don’t print like they use to, but everyone should have one great print to hang they can reminisce over throughout the years. Your kids and grandkids will love it!

This is NOT a motorcycle tank. It's an URN! Yeah, really. Lighting an object like this takes care, lots and lots of lights, stands, grip gear, and patience. There are other colors and styles of these, and they're made locally by urn experts. Want one? Hit me up.

This is a frame from a video on our Facebook show Good Morning Humans. I like it.

I dug up this old demo from back in the day. It's a total cheese factory. 😂
Does this mean I'm old too? It does because none of this footage is widescreen. Ouch, man. (Had to chop off the end of this video due to an old phone number in the video.)