Random Stuff
Here's some stuff I've made...recently and in the past. I don't have an updated reel, so enjoy these bits and pieces of little things that bring me joy.
The Hope Stone was a product that could be purchased online. I enjoyed helping this young lady tell her story.

Nothing flashy here. Just simple and catches my attention.

This made for a nice print. People need to print more.

This is NOT a motorcycle tank. It's an URN! Yeah, really. Lighting an object like this takes care, lots of lights, stands, grip gear, and patience.

This is not product placement. It's just a frame from a project I worked on, and it makes me happy.

I dug up this old demo from back in the day. It's a total cheese factory. 😂
Does this mean I'm old too? It does because none of this footage is widescreen. Ouch, man.